Breathe when it hurts. When it hurts so bad and it feels like your heart could literally break in two.

Breathe when your screams are unwillingly held inside and you don’t voice them even though they’re begging to be let out.

Breathe when you have a voice that nobody hears and nobody listens to.

Breathe when you cry silent tears that stay hidden because you’re suppose to be stronger than that!

Breathe when you feel like pulling out every inch of hair on your head.

Breathe when it’s suppose to be love but it feels like hate.

Breathe when you actually care and you show it by expressing it with concern, but it’s made to look like it’s just the opposite!

Breathe when you feel like giving up and walking away from it all, but the strength in you won’t let you.

Breathe when you wish you could express how you really feel without looking like the bad guy.

Just breathe, regulate your thoughts, encourage yourself, and hold your head up, because one breath could save you from something as simple as a headache, as complex as a nervous breakdown, heart attack,  or a stroke, or even as detrimental as committing suicide.

Do yourself a favor take a deep breath, relax, and breathe to live!



It was a great day!

We really had a wonderful thanksgiving with some of the family yesterday. It’s always nice when you can come together and just enjoy each other’s company. Of course we were working on CP time lol, but that’s what we expected. The food we had was absolutely amazing no complaints about anything. Everything was cooked with expertise. The sternos were lit and the food was hot. Unfortunately I was so ready to dig in reluctantly I forgot to get pics of the food. But I must say my cousin did a great job hosting thanksgiving dinner this year. 

Me with a few of my children, my step mom, my sister, and some cousins.

It’s really great when you see family members that you haven’t seen in a while. Sure it’s nice that we have social media nowadays, and we can see that our love ones are alive and well and see what they’re up to lately. But social media doesn’t come anywhere close to actually seeing everyone in person, the smiles on their faces,  the hugs and kisses on the cheek, that’s what makes it special. Catching up having good conversation is something you can definitely appreciate. 


No we can never get these moments back that’s why they are so important. Grab a hold of every moment and don’t let go. Capture them and place them in your heart, so that when and if you should run into not so happy times you will have these moments to remind you of the good times. Having these moments to reflect on make a world of difference. Thoughts of good times may strengthen you, and encourage you and perhaps help you get over sadness and loneliness, and maybe depression. 

Best mom and sister you could have

Friends of the family

Sister and son

My son and more cousins

My son is the smallest one in the picture with the black sweater on. I’m teaching him the value of family whether he wants to know it or not he doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Most of the children these days would much rather be anywhere besides home, or stay at home and not go to family gatherings because somewhere else always appears to be much more glamorous. Also modern technology has crept in unaware and has taken the place of family time.Where families used to sit down at the dinner table and have dinner, or have family discussions or just spend quality time, it’s now been replaced with electronics, like the television, games, etc. It’s important that we enforce and reinforce family values because they’re what’s important.

My wonderful cousin who is on the far left was the amazing host for the evening.

About my cousin, he has on the red and blue shirt, he is amazing and always the life of the party. If you want a clean wholesome good ole time then he’s your guy. He has the greatest personality ever, and when your around him you can expect to sing, and dance and laugh and just be happy because that’s what he will bring to the table. He has great energy and if you met him you would love his spirit. We really couldn’t have chosen a better place to go this thanksgiving.

Beautiful tree

Mannequin Challenge <a href=”;feature=share”>;feature=share</

So I say work, take care of business, and do whatever you need to do but don’t forget to take time out for recreation have fun and laugh, laugh until it hurts. 


“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin

“Life’s better when you’re laughing.”

“Laughter is poison to fear.” George R.R. Martin

There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”

“I have not seen anyone dying of laughter, but I know millions who are dying because they are not laughing.”

Remember to be happy and keep your heart glad, keep your joy, because the world didn’t give it to you and the world can’t take it away. 

“These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full.”‭‭John‬ ‭15:11‬ ‭ASV‬‬

Bible Verses

1. Proverbs 17:22 A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.

2. Proverbs 15:13 A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, but with a heartache comes depression.

3. Proverbs 15:15 For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.

Never stop creating the good times for yourself, or with family and friends. Life is not that serious. Yes life happens and things happen but it’s the good times that will bring you joy.

I posted this song so that where ever you are you can stop for just a moment to put a little pep in your two step, a little grove in your move and remember to keep the balance in your life and create those good times!

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Thanksgiving kisses!

I saw this and immediately I thought about the love of God. This lipstick reminds me of God’s love. With his love you can withstand anything, all the smudges of life, all the rubs the wrong way, even when the rain and the storms of life come. Your love God remains the same unchanging, it never changes it’s form. This lipstick is beautiful and colorful and glitsy and glamorous, everything I think about God’s love. It’s a wonderful thing to know the love of God. I blow kisses to you God for your love is a love that sticks and doesn’t go away. I give thanks to you on this day for your love that I don’t deserve.

Rush Hour!

The world and everything around it is moving so fast I mean who has the time out of their busy schedules to care about what’s in the hearts and minds and even the souls of another. Oh yeah and why is everybody rushing anyway? Because rushing is easy and it requires no time. No time to be personable, no time to be intimate spiritually or physically, no time for anything. This is why it is the way it is and nobody knows who anybody really is or really cares.

Nowadays when you meet someone you don’t meet the real person but you meet their representative. You know the person that they are pretending to be. The people person who seems to have it all together, whose life is so perfect, with not a problem in the world. But behind closed doors they’re super sad, super lonely, super emotional, super low self esteem, super unhappy, super everything but who you see. It makes it kinda hard to touch base with the real person. 

Almost seems impossible because to get to the real soul of most people. It’s like peeling an onion you have to literally go through layers and layers before you could actually reach the core of who they are. Oh and again that would require time, and then there is the great decision of Do you have the time? and if you don’t Are you willing to make the time? most of us are not. But even if you decide to invest your time on the flip side will the other person allow you to get that close. People are terrified of each other. I was in Manhattan earlier and almost everyone I said hello to looked at me as if I had three heads and six eyes lol it’s crazy. 

Nobody trusts nobody, while getting on the subway train you walk in and literally see a bunch of stiff zombies they look straight ahead and barely blink an eye. We’re in a scary world with a bunch of scary people with again NO TIME! How in the world can we all get to know each other being that way? Rush Hour 24/7

Thanks to The little Mermaid!

The Little Mermaid

It’s 2016. I have decided that I’m gonna start to speak my mind unapologetically by writing my absurdly wild thoughts within quotation marks and tag them as ‘The Little Mermaid’ to make them sound more credible so that people believe every shit that I rave about. Let’s just do it sassy and a wee bit smart-assy.

“If people actually made love to the mind and soul with the same flaming passion as they made to the physical body, we would have long had an illuminated generation of spiritually, morally and intellectually elevated species.” 

-The Little Mermaid, MMXVI

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Survey Says!

Americans’ faith in God may be eroding

But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord /Joshua 24:15

I Dare You!!!

I Dare You!!!

  • To be ignored
  • To be used and abused
  • To be left alone
  • To be lied on
  • To be laughed at
  • To be talked about
  • To be misunderstood
  • To be mistreated
  • To be hated
  • To be rejected
  • To fail
  • To take the pain

and never give up, and never quit, to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep striving, to keep hoping, to keep praying, to declare victory, to conquer it all in spite of it all, I double dare you, I triple dare you, to fight and To WIN! WIN! WIN!